Professor Adesope on AAU Talks at Accra Ghana: Agribusiness in Higher Education in Africa

Prof. O.M. Adesope was recently in Accra-Ghana, where he was interviewed on AAU TV about the prospects of Agribusiness in Africa’s tertiary institutions. Below is a short transcripts of the start of the interview, under which the video appears for you to watch in full.

Hello Africa.

Welcome to another edition of AAU Talks on AAU TV.

I am your host – Frank Asefuah, and today we will be having a wonderful discussion about Agribusiness.

The theme is “Agribusiness Enhancement, for Higher Education Institutions in Africa

We will discuss about how Agriculture can be used to improve Africa, and what the Youths must do to also be engaged in it.

With me to discuss this topic about Agriculture on our wonderful continent, I have Professor Olufemi Martins Adesope.

He is the Assistant Director for the Centre for Research Management and Development, in the University of Port Harcourt.

Frank: Welcome…

Prof. O.M. Adesope: Thank you Frank…

Watch the full video below…

What is High Quality Cassava Flour used for?

What is High Quality Cassava Flour used for?

Do you know what High Quality Cassave Flour (HQCF) is? Do you know how it is made? What about what it is used for – do you know that?

I provide answers to the above questions and more, on this blog.

Through my work on, I want to boost the efforts I have been making over the years, to promote production and adoption of HQCF for commercial industry use.

Apart from the learning events I conduct, as well as research activities I participate in (as well as my resulting articles/reports), I will periodically publish previews of potentially useful writeups BY THIRD PARTIES on HQCF use in real life situations, especially commercially viable industrial applications they are deployed for.

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What is HQCF used for?

High Quality Cassava Flour (HQCF) can be used as an alternative for starch and other imported materials such as wheat flour in a variety of industries in many countries in Africa.
Potential HQCF markets in Malawi 2010

Market demand and commercial partners have been identified in various industrial sectors (plywood, paperboard, bakery, confectionary and industrial and potable alcohol) which rely on expensive imported raw materials.

Workshops on Academic Writing and Publishing For Nigerian Researchers

We are glad to announce that Enago in collaboration with four renowned organizations in Nigeria—National Universities Commission, University of Lagos, University of Port-Harcourt, Nnamdi Azikiwe University—will be conducting author workshops in the universities’ respective campuses.

Enago’s workshops will be focused on providing practical advice on the important aspects of manuscript publication as well as useful tips to authors on how to select journals effectively.

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The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) continues to promote higher education regional integration by facilitating the mobility of academic staff across the region. In furthering this mandate, RUFORUM Secretariat is working with the member universities to support staff fellowships that aim for collegial exchange so as to enhance faculty teaching, research, and collaboration among RUFORUM Member universities and, ultimately contribute to improved quality of teaching in postgraduate programs.

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RUFORUM in Collaboration with LUANAR AquaFish ACE Coordinates 10 Academic Staff Exchanges within the Region

Mentorship Workshop For Enhancing Early Career Researchers In The University Of Port Harcourt Organized By Centre For Research Management And Development [Friday, November 17, 2017] – Download PDF Programme & List of Awardees

Tomorrow, Friday 17th November 2017, I will be moderating activities during the “Mentorship Workshop For Enhancing Early Career Researchers In The University Of Port Harcourt” – Organized By Centre For Research Management And Development.

Date: Friday, November 17, 2017
Venue: Faculty of Agriculture Board Room, University of Port Harcourt
Moderator: Assistant Director, Centre for Research Management and Development & CIRCLE Coordinator, Prof O.M. Adesope

Click the links below, to download and view the following print-ready documents that provide details about the programme and awardees:

  2. Programme For Mentorship Workshop For Enhancing Early Career Researchers In The University Of Port Harcourt Organized By Centre For Research Management And Development [PDF]



8 Smart Ways You Need to Learn From Prof. Olufemi Martins Adesope [FREE IMAGE AND SLIDESHOW DOWNLOADS]

The screenshot below is for a Powerpoint slideshow that features short titles with clickable links to the top eight (8) web based platforms where you can access potentially useful information about Prof. Olufemi Martins Adesope and his work in Agricultural Extension Services.

This includes  journal publications, website/blog articles, newsletter issues, information products & training events to further his passion for Agribusiness enhancement and the Making Extension Services Work™ initiative he implements via


  1. The UNIPORT Academic Staff Directory*Profile page on UNIPORT website
  2. The IDEAS RePEc Author Website*IDEAS is a RePEc service hosted by the Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
  3. The Making Extension Services Work Facebook Page*Latest ideas, information, tips for advancement of Extension Services
  4. The Making Extension Services Work (MESW)™ Flagship Website*Formal online presence for the Making Extension Services Work (MESW)™ campaign Initiative
  5. Google Scholar Citations* Since 2012 – Over 380 citations
  6. Google Plus Profile*New thoughts, ideas, tips, musings on Agriculaure, education etc
  7. AGRICUNIPORT – Profile on Facultry of Agriculture  Website 
  8. The Making Extension Services Work (MESW)™ BLOG*Latest  articles, newsletter issues, information products & training, events to further the NESW™ vision

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[PDF SUMMARY REPORT] Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) Biennial and Fifth Africa Higher Education Week Conference

[Photo] In October  2016, I attended the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) Biennialand Fifth Africa Higher Education Week Conference in Cape Town South Africa

NB: See more photos I took with other delegates in the album I published on my Making Extension Services Work page – click here.

It was a most educative and exciting experience rubbing minds with hundreds of delegates, including graduate students, university Vice-Chancellors, policy makers, development partners and several delegates from all over Africa, Asia, Europe and America during the one week event  from 17-21st October 2016.

A summary report about the event’s outcome has since been published on the RUFORUM website ( that I feel would make useful reading for all stakeholders. So I’ve put it up here on my Making Extension Services Work (MESW) blog, for interested persons to download.

Download it here(click)

Let me know if you need help gaining access to the PDF report, and/or if you have any questions – Prof. Olufemi Martins Adesope,